When it comes to exposing your kids to a little culture, the City of Oaks has much to offer including these 3 kid friendly museums to explore in Raleigh. Whatever age your kids may be, these 3 attractions should perk the imagination and leave the whole family smiling.

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is the largest museum in the Southeastern United States and the oldest museum in North Carolina. Two facilities make up this museum, the Nature Research Center and the Nature Exploration Center.

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is one of the best attractions for kids in Raleigh. This museum has a multitude of activities and exhibits for your whole family to enjoy, like a living conservatory, filled with plants, butterflies, turtles, sloths, flowers, and more.  Your family will also enjoy the exhibits about prehistoric North Carolina, dinosaurs, amazing fossils, the environment, climate, hands-on exhibits, and so much more.

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences also has a theater showing 3D movies fit for all ages and even packages for birthday parties if you want to celebrate your child’s birthday uniquely.

 North Carolina Museum of Art

First opened in 1956, the North Carolina Museum of Art is a magnificent museum that features not only lovely art exhibits but also a beautiful Museum Park and various performances, concerts, educational programs, and other fun events.

Take your loved ones on a trip to the North Carolina Museum of Art, where they can not only appreciate breathtaking pieces of art from all over the world but also enjoy watching films, listening to wonderful concerts, and exploring a vast park.

The North Carolina Museum of Art’s very own park has scenic trails that are perfect for jogging and hiking that has amazing artwork. There are even paved trails where you can take your bike and cycle through the beautiful scenery.

This museum is a popular destination for cheap family-fun activities because of its free admission. It offers kids activities that both your toddlers and teens can enjoy, like making art, tours specifically designed for families, and critically acclaimed musical ensembles.

Marbles Kids Museum

A non-profit children’s museum, Marbles Kid Museum, has many things to do in Raleigh with toddlers and your older tykes. It featured play-based exhibits, an IMAX theater, and so many other interactive and enjoyable family-friendly activities.

Consider taking your kids to the Marbles Kids Museum if you want to take them to a place where they can have a both fun and educational experience. Whatever age your kids are, this museum has many things to choose from.

You can choose from Toddlers Hollow, ideal for tots aged 3 and below, Tree tunes, a music-themed playground, Power2Play, a sports-based activity center for slightly older children, and a lot more.

Before paying a visit, check their calendar for a list of events that they have going on because Marbles Kids Museum has many themed events that are fun for the entire family.

Introducing children to museums including these 3 kid friendly museums to explore in Raleigh is such an awesome way to build family connections as our world of imagination opens up together. My team and I are always available to help you navigate your journey in the Raleigh area. Feel free to contact us here to begin a conversation. We also invite you to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.