Family at lunch scene

Raleigh’s sizzling food scene has an abundance of restaurants offering cuisine from around the world. The city has a wide range of dining options, from casual eateries to fine dining establishments. Here are three standout restaurants in Raleigh’s food scene.

  1. Bida Manda: This restaurant is located in downtown Raleigh and serves traditional Laotian cuisine. The restaurant is named after the owners’ parents and serves dishes that are inspired by their mother’s home cooking. The menu includes a variety of dishes such as crispy rice lettuce wraps, crispy pork belly, and a variety of noodle dishes. The restaurant’s décor is inspired by Laotian culture, with dark woods, vibrant colors, and traditional artwork.
  2. Garland: This modern Asian restaurant is located in downtown Raleigh and offers a fusion of Korean, Indian, and Vietnamese cuisine. The restaurant has an open kitchen where diners can watch their dishes being prepared. The menu includes a variety of small plates such as Korean fried chicken, lamb vindaloo, and Vietnamese-style pork belly. The restaurant also has a craft cocktail menu featuring unique creations such as the Korean Old Fashioned.
  3. Death & Taxes: This upscale restaurant in downtown Raleigh focuses on farm-to-table cuisine and features a wood-fired grill as its centerpiece. The menu includes dishes such as grilled oysters, smoked lamb chops, and grilled pork belly. The restaurant has an extensive wine list and also offers a selection of craft cocktails. The interior of the restaurant is sleek and modern, with dark woods and metal accents.

Raleigh’s sizzling food scene is full of restaurants that offer a wide variety of cuisines and styles. From traditional Laotian cuisine to modern Asian fusion and farm-to-table fare, there is something for everyone. Bida Manda, Garland, and Death & Taxes are just a few examples of the unique and delicious dining experiences that can be found in Raleigh. If you hae any questions about the Raleigh area feel free to contact me here. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram!