As a Realtor, one of the first questions I’m often asked regarding schools and real estate is, “what are the schools like in that neighborhood?” What I can tell you is that Raleigh is North Carolina’s capital city. It’s home to several great colleges, including North Carolina State University, Meredith College, Peace University, Shaw University and nearby University of North Carolina and Duke University!  The area is known as the Research Triangle Park because of the number of technologies and scholarly institutions surrounding Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham.

There certainly is a high value placed on Education in Raleigh and surrounding areas.  The Raleigh area school system is comprised of Magnet, Charter, Public and Private Schools. Some of which have year-round options and others operate with a traditional calendar.

Researching schools is a critical piece to home buying when you have kids.  Doing your homework could save your family a lot of heartache in the long run.  I like to encourage my clients to do their “homework” when it comes to researching potential school districts.  Calling the school boards, asking them about their schools, gathering test results and information about how they compare to others in the state and visiting websites are all worthy assignments!

Public Schools and Property Values

There is absolutely no question that the quality of public schools influences where people buy a home and what they pay for it. Regardless of whether they have children, buyers care about the reputation of the schools because they know that schools directly affect a community’s vitality as well as its property values.

The demand for homes is simply greater in neighborhoods with high quality public schools, and higher demand translates into higher home prices. It’s no surprise that when prospective homebuyers are interested in a house one of their first questions is, “How are the schools? People want the best schools for their children, or they want a home in a neighborhood with high demand for resale purposes.

School quality depends on a variety of factors.  The most basic definition of a quality school is one that provides a clean, safe environment with up-to-date facilities and equipment–an environment that is conducive to learning and brings out the best in both teachers and students. Such schools enhance the overall quality of life, strengthen communities, and attract new life to the neighborhoods that surround them.

Without splitting hairs over precisely what school attributes relate most directly to housing prices, it’s safe to say that there is a relationship between schools and property values and that schools play an important role in many residential housing decisions. Based on a recent study, school quality was among the four top community-related factors influencing homebuyer decisions. In fact, 75 percent of those surveyed cited high quality public schools as either very important or somewhat important in their decision-making.

When it comes down to it, schools and real estate are very closely related and impact one another greatly.  If you are looking for a home in a particular school district, feel free to contact me and lets begin a conversation. I can help you find the neighborhood that suits your family’s needs.  I also invite you to connect with me on Facebook and Instagram.