There are many tips for living in a home for sale that can help ease the inconvenience and upheaval this temporary situation causes. Your home doesn’t really feel like your own during this period, and it’s only natural that things will seem a little off. I’ve compiled a list of survival advice that will help keep your sanity intact.

 Do a Major Decluttering

This involves moving everything out of the house that you will not need while your home is on the market.  Pack it up and get it out of the house. This includes things like off-season clothing, infrequently used kitchen appliances, and pretty much everything you have stuffed in the back of that one closet. The goal is to get as much as possible out of your home before showings start so that you and your potential buyers are not overwhelmed by clutter.

In addition to packing up the things you don’t have a use for in the near future, spend some time looking through your belongings and get rid of everything you no longer want or need.  Donate it.  Trash it.  Sell it!

 Find a spot for safekeeping valuables

Living in a for-sale home means you never know who is going to be coming through.  It’s prudent to safely stow away valuable items, important documents, and prescription medications. Clear out space in a safe or lockable drawer and keep these items there for the duration of the time your home is on the market.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your valuables are well secured.

Keep it clean

You’ll need to do a major deep clean before your home’s photo shoot.  After that, it’s just a matter of maintaining the same level of cleanliness.  A messy, dirty, or cluttered home is a big turn off for buyers, but constant cleaning can be a headache for sellers. Make it as simple as possible by taking small steps to keep your home at the level of cleanliness it needs to be at to show its best. That means cleaning dishes right after you use them, making beds in the morning, vacuuming, and dusting at least every other day, and  keeping clutter to a minimum.

Pack a “go bag”

One of the most stressful parts of living in a for-sale home is often needing to leave on the fly when you get a showing request. Be prepared by keeping a bag near the door.  Put things in there that you don’t want to leave in the house or that you don’t have room for in your safe or locked drawer—think laptops, tablets, mail, spare keys, etc.

Have a plan for pets

You don’t want your pets to be there when buyers show up, but you also don’t want to be without your furry companions during the period you’re living in a for-sale home. Your plan may include having a trusted dog sitter or neighbor who can pick them up and watch them during a showing. Be sure to get this plan in place well ahead of time so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute. Have a place you can quickly stow toys, bowls, and beds when buyers are coming over to minimize pet clutter.

Make a show prep checklist

Show prepping is what you do right before a showing.  By this point, your home should be staged to sell, but you’ll still want to do a few little things here and there to make it look its most appealing. Make a checklist of everything you want to do for your show prep, including fluffing pillows, opening all blinds, turning on all the lights, lighting a fire in the fireplace, and hiding away family pictures.

Finally, take a deep breath as you begin implementing tips for living in a home for sale. It is part of the process and it will be worth it.  If you are interested in listing your home, please contact me here.  I also invite you to connect with me on Facebook and Instagram where you can access more home buying and selling tips and stay current with the market trends.