Ash quinn

Triangle Real Producers Magazine – May ’20

Written by Michael Gunter

Photos by Rob Lewis

Rising Star, Ashley Quinn

Selling real estate isn’t just about selling houses. It’s about introducing people to their new home, city and all. This month’s Rising Star loves helping people make that connection with Raleigh. “I love this city so much that my heart beats fast when I see the skyline … I want to make my clients feel at ease and share with them the greatness of where they’re moving.” 

Ashley Quinn fell in love with Raleigh when she moved here from her hometown of Tarboro in 1990. She graduated from Meredith College with a degree in Chemistry, got married, and continued her studies at East Carolina University, earning a Master in Analytical Chemistry. She started at a contract pharmaceutical company, but her desire to make an impact led her to take a staff position at a church. After the birth of her first son, she decided to focus her atten­tion on her family; however, the de­sire for a career remained. So, when her eldest son got his driver’s permit, she announced to her family that she was going back to work. 

Ashley Quinn entered real estate on a whim. A friend had introduced the idea years earlier, and she liked that it was sales, and it involved the personal im­pact she valued. Now that the timing was right, she figured she’d give it a shot. “If it doesn’t work,” she thought, “I’m out $600 and two tests. Let’s roll the dice and see what happens.” Little did she know that it would take off. She got her license in 2016 and affil­iated with Allen Tate Realty. It was a great place to begin. She received the experience and training she needed for the next big move. 

In 2019, Ashley Quinn teamed up with Jus­tin Burleson to form Premier Agents Network (affiliated with Fonville Morisey). It’s a revolutionary con­cept in that the team is not identified by any single agent. Everyone on the PAN team lists using their own name and thereby builds their own brand. Ashley believes they are the most agent-friendly team in the Triangle. Their agents receive great benefits – mentorship and collabora­tion, competitive com1nission splits, low-cost and fully customizable administrative support, the ability to build uncapped residual income, the reputation of a long-standing firm in the community, and they get to build their name.

“My goal,” she says, “is to create a team that helps agents build their own brand…build their own business for the long­term…build something that will last even beyond the team because they’ve never given their name away. The agents are building a legacy for themselves, but they’re also getting our support, input, and mentorship.” 

Helping to found Premier Agents Net­work wasn’t easy. It was a big risk, but it paid off. Ashley’s total volume for 2019 was $10 million; a near 50% increase over 2018. And more than that, it’s something Ashley believes in. “I’m successful if I’m making a personal impact in people’s lives. It’s driven every pro­fessional decision I’ve ever made. And I’m honored to be recognized as a Rising Star.

This philosophy also applies to life outside her professional world. For the last five years, Ashley and her husband, John, have hosted ‘Saturday Night at the Quinns’. Every week, they open their home to about 40 high-school students. They feed them, talk about life and faith, and let them hang out for a few hours. Their sons, who are instrumen­tal in making it work, agree to invite their friends over as long as their par­ents are cool and don’t get weird about it. It started as another one of those, “Let’s see what happens” ideas with a possibility of failure, but that’s life.

Ash­ley says, “I will always choose to take the risk rather than have regrets. I don’t ever want to have regrets.” 

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